Friday, May 4, 2012

Book of Short Stories


Liam was sure she'd done something to him. Just sure of it.

Had Mia been a figment of his imagination?

Well, he'd gone to bed with her, but woke up without her.

"Just how did you meet her, again?" Beck wanted to know. After all,  he was Liam's college roommate who never went to class, but stayed to himself, mostly. Yet, here he was awake and wanted the whole story.

"You know, the party?" Liam fell back on his thin bed. His locks of bright auburn hair cascaded around him. He nursed his bottom lip. How had it happened?

"What party?" Beck festered a perturbed look as he went back to  his laptop to press forward another Tumblr picture.

"Didn't you go?" Liam winced. "You were the one who wouldn't shut up about it." It was only twenty-four hours ago that Beck kept persisting how fantastic the party would be. Booze, drugs, girls, sex, the works. How could Liam not go?

"Of course not." Beck rolled his eyes at that. After all, he was a hermit of sorts. Took online classes. He avoided most people like the plague. Had Liam forgotten that?

"I'm telling you, we fucked." Liam knew. He could sense it. Even now. Even so cold. She was tattooed in his brain. The touch of her skin. Her scent. So faint. He didn't want to forget.

"Who fucked?" Beck scowled.

"Jesus, can't you be a mate, when I need one?" Liam jerked himself up. This was nonsense. Truly. But unbearable. It was so real. She was. But now, he had nothing to claim it. Not even a phone number.

"Her name is Mia." He sighed, heavily. Now his body ached for her. "Why did you ever let me go to that party?"

He looked at the back of Beck's fuzzy head. It was as if Beck had hoped for this.

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