Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Who you be really?  He says in the wait, until he looks around for an answer from somebody else. 

Nobody else is what he sees.   A beaver of a badger at best, relocating themselves downriver.
I work at a word.  Camphor, I say.
I have that, he laughs.  That’s not your name.
I could read it on a box, when I could read, I say.
A reader, he hmmms.  He begins to put out what he’s brought in his load.  Well, missus Reader, this here is soap, this here is dry goods.  I never met a lady who could resist dry goods, especially one in a bonnet on a hot day with nobody to talk to.-Bohemian Girl

READING: Bohemian Girl by Terese Svoboda. I absolutely love this book. Possibly, it has to do with the syntax of it, than anything else. Actually, its a very old story that happens in our area west of here on the praire back in the 1860's. Its about a girl who was given to an old Indian to pay her father's debt. We don't really know for sure if her name is Harriet, but decides to call her self this after losing a close friend Harriet that she met who was one of the Indian's slaves. Harriet killed herself with bad mushrooms. She'd been previously scalped by the Indians and left by her father on the prairie because he couldn't be reminded of the misery that happened there. Its a moving story and written by a Nebraska native that lives in New York City. The author was inspired by a Willa Cather quote, "You remember how her eyes used to snap when we called her the Bohemian Girl?"

IT SNOWED! Now its cold and a tad miserable. But its pretty, even if the snow is weighing down the trees. I hurt my ankle while shoveling snow Saturday. But I think it'll be OK.

We ate Burgers in a Bowl at Stella's. I like their waffle sweet potato fries, too. Good stuff. Lars has been eating pretty hearty lately. All that cold weather and being outside where he works. He's been snowblowing with my brother and that kind of thing. He goes to bed early. Its great cuddling weather.

WATCHING: I Just want my Pants Back. Hard to say if I really love it. Some very smart quips, yet..I don't think I'd ever really want to know people like that. I'm glad I don't. I'm thankful Lars is not that way. I guess we are not hipsters.

Honestly, I wanted those sideburns longer!

Woman in Black. Which I kept calling Lady in Black, evidently to annoy a co-worker, evidently. It is a good ghost story. And Daniel Radcliffe was amazing to watch on the screen.

LISTENING: Lana Del Rey. Saying that, I don't know if I like her as well as Florence or a few others that I've liked better. I'm not sure I get the hype. I'm not really in to that many women singers. I don't know exactly what that says about me.


  1. Sounds like an amazing book. I still have mixed feelings about I just want my Pants back. I do love Peter Veck, though.

  2. I like your list but I most admit none of them ring a bell. If I wasn't so busy I'd explorer some.

  3. Must look into this book. I might just have to see Woman in Black, again.

  4. I love that book, except for the ending. But it was really good.

  5. I love when the weather gets chilly and it's time for cuddles :)

  6. thanks for your comments on my blog! trust me - I am definitely starting to get nervous about our upcoming trip! it's only 3 months away!

    I'm not sure how I feel about Lana Del Ray either... she has a nice voice, but she doesn't seem too convincing in her emotional attachment to her songs... hmm...

    P.S - that burger picture has now got me very hungry!