Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello January

Clearly? How could I? Well, it was more of a dare with a friend of mine. She'd teased me about him.
Honestly, I want to think of Robert Pattinson as not Robert Pattinson nor Edward from Twilight. Sort of like, not thinking of Lars from high school. Although, he was a very caring person, even then. Yet, I don't think he knew he was. And now, well..he's working harder than I've ever seen him work before. And sometimes, I wonder if he'll think less of me some day, because he worked so hard. I dunno. Maybe I'm over thinking it.

Sebastian Gregory
Jules and Josie

But...he does want us to find our own place. I think that's why he's working so hard. And I should work harder too. Although, I get to thinking about stories and well, possibly just entertain myself. I still have stories to write on Ellie, even if one of the main characters has been killed off. Unfortunately, there are some characters that come to the forefront to write about more. Possibly, Jules has taken over... a lot of those stories. Then there is the thought of Jules no longer being Sebastian Gregory, either. Who I wish would stick with acting, but I can see he will probably stick with the Veronicas as their drummer.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to writing stories about Jonah, Gilly and even Milo. But there is the tale of Olivia and Ravi on their honeymoon, too. Also, Roxie has to get used to the idea that her sister is now with her ex, Jared.

So anyway, I'm hoping 2012 brings a lot of creativity. Someone already wants me to get them a slouchy hat made for their sister. And hopefully, Lars and I will be moving out soon.


  1. hahahaaaa...You're right though, Sebastian is a very unique actor. I hope the Veronicas won't waste him.

  2. I'm hoping Sebastian goes back to acting too.