Wednesday, December 28, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Christmas seemed like a long time

1. We went to Missouri to see Lar's mother and her new family.
2. His new step-dad made something out of ever clear that now made the rest of Christmas day a little fuzzy to me.
3. My brother was drunk at dinner. Well, sort of. He was so loud. I feel bad for him that he's still a tad miserable without his girlfriend. Yet, I'm beginning to wonder if the drinking was one of the reasons why she left him. And Mom gave him booze for Christmas, and now she wished she hadn't.
4. Anyway, I did get some lovely things. Cologne from my brother. A watch from Lars. Even a ladybug timer to keep with me when I go to my laptop and I'm not in the kitchen while water might be boiling or something. Oh, and an electric teapot to keep in our room. Mom & Dad gave us cozy slippers. She got me some cool earmuff which are actually earphones. Kind of silly, but I'm kind of happy to have them too. And so incredibly thankful to get gift cards from co-workers. Now Lars and I can go to the movies!
5. The weather has been so mild this week. Uncanny, weather we are having for December. So we've taken some strolls and that's been awesome, being with Lars.
6. Went out for Chinese with Caleb and his girlfriend the day after Christmas. It was fun being out with friends and just talking.
7.Still have my doubts about seeing my friend who came in from out of town. She wants us to do stuff, but it always falls through.
8. Having to work extra hours. I know, I must be thankful that I can do that.
9.I had some back spasms for some odd reason. Really, I never have any back pain. Not like my Dad or my brother. Must have been in the car too long.
10. My Dad behaved himself this year.


  1. I'm glad your dad behaved. I hope you have a great new year!

  2. It is sad when you have to make #10 a point on the list but good that he did.

    Happy New Year.

  3. sounds like a lovely Christmastime :) I wish you all the best for your story and for this blog (I never knew you had two!) in 2012 and the years to come! happy new year!