Monday, December 12, 2011

hibernating times

I feel as if everything is a little off balance at the moment. Its still cold, even if the snow did melt yesterday.

We had egg nog shakes at McDonalds, and I think they are better than last years. Of course, Lars even knew how to make them better. Just a hint of Dad's rum in mine, more in his. Yes, that's living the life.

Yesterday, we found my mom and dad on the floor by the TV. Mom thought the TV was broke and we'd have to get a new one. All you could get was snow on the screen. She even looked online for flat screens, and since all we've got is a the last of just big fat TV' seemed the right thing to do.

Anyway, Lars bent down and found the cable that was missing. Fixed in no time. Mom is pleased that is one less expense we have to worry about. I think of that grin on Lar's face. He coughed it off as if he knew he best not gloat about it.

We did watch BAG OF BONES. Not sure it exactly transcended all that well into a TV mini-series. But then it could have been me. Although, Lars wasn't that thrilled with it, either, after awhile.

On the other hand, neither of us can get enough of American Horror Story. What is it about that show?


  1. Honestly, I love Evan Peters as Tate in American Horror Story!

  2. I haven't watched American Horror story yet. I am waiting for it to appear on Netflixs.