Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

OK, I thought I'd hate it...but...I LOVED FOOTLOOSE. & its all because they found the perfect Willard. Miles Teller was a blast in his part. And Kenny & Julieanne did their own dancing. It was updated just right. So I think they did the movie proud.

ITS FALL..that means a FREEZE is on its way. So, we had to pick all the basil and the tomatoes. It was pretty nippy out there in the garden, but we gotter done. And we made yummy pesto!

Wow, its amazing ..the sudden temperature drop. But, good snuggling and sleeping weather. We have been going bed earlier. Partly, to keep each other warm. Maybe....

Anyway, I have to find all my favorite sweaters now. But its like making more of a mess. I need to get summer stuff put away for good now. I need to devote a whole weekend to that, but I'm not sure I'm going to get too. I did find my SO SLEEPY shirt. Too bad its a tank. I was wondering where that got off too.

We are gonna celebrate Dad's birthday this week. Hopefully, we'll see some old friends this weekend. Its been ages since Lar's seen any of his family. He has some baby half-brothers who'd love to see him. Well, they aren't babies anymore. They are in middle school now. He's got family all over the place..except ..not so  much here. He hasn't spoken to his Mom in a very long time. And, his grand-dad has moved to Florida. I think he's OK here. He'd never say. Actually. Its hard to know if he's depressed because, he tends to smile at everything. He finds my Dad a riot. Even when he's mad. Of course, my Dad has never gotten mad at Lars. I don't think my Mom would let him.

Dad and I still don't see eye to eye on everything. But we are getting better.


  1. I'm a new fan of Miles Teller too!

  2. OMG..Miles is the best Willard! I didn't think it could be possible.

  3. Did they really need to update this movie? What was wrong with the old one? Are there really places that still ban dancing today?

  4. Bathwater - Yeah, that would be wrong to outlaw dancing..but leave it to some states in the south to put whammies on "Prom" still. So its possible. But I'm happy they made the remake. I didn't think I would. But some really great dancing. And Thank God, for Miles Teller!