Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

What can I say about this week? No snow yet. Feels like late summer..still. I'm ready for cooler weather. Actually. Out west, it was on fire. Probably not as bad as the state of Texas. My grandparents called to say it rained six inches in one night. Its been very dry there, which might be an understatement.

Work has been

My Mom has been under the weather. She has to be restricted from no corn syrup, no sugar, no potatoes, no rice, no bread. Seriously, its made a world of difference in her blood sugar. Lars and me are on board about changing our eating habits. Unfortunately, Dad's not. Sometimes, I wonder if its his fault that Mom is sick because she has to make everything the way he wants.

Hopefully, I'll see my friend who lives out of town this weekend. I haven't seen her in a few weeks. But she might be busy. She tends to be busy with family when she comes home.

We did go out for Chinese with a co-worker for his birthday. He gives the tightest hugs. I will say, I thought I was going to lose my breath. I was shocked I'd get that big of hug..which felt more like he felt me up..I will confess. And Lars was right there. I know, I'm possibly making waaay too much about it. All I can say, I have more boobs than the co-worker's girlfriend.

wishful thinking from anthropolgie


The people they let come to the library. Later, I found out she's in treatment for something. But I didn't know that..then. She told me she was 50 but she was sure she didn't look it. I wanted to tell her she looked older, but I didn't. She started telling me Obama was coming to see her. Next thing I know she's yelling..I'M GOING DIE SOME DAY...She then told me she was a millionaire. But she didn't have any ID on her so I couldn't get her a library card. It was a very interesting Saturday. But I did my best to keep her calm.

I think I could make this out of one of my Dad's sweaters...


My brother had a birthday. He found a car. It looks like something he'd drive. Sporty. We went to the Texas Roadhouse. Some waitress kept talking to him. Dancing around him. We thought she was going to leave with him, but she didn't. Naturally, Mom asked him about the last waitress at the Roadhouse who had wanted to go out with him. He said that had already happened and was ...over.

So as it is..the leaves are falling, just a bit of crisp air. Kids still playing football in the street and its sunny.

I did watch MTV's DISconnected. I have mixed feelings about it. It was a lot like CHATROOM, but I did like how chatroom, created this cool environment. And of course, there was no Aaron Johnson type in this movie. Most hadn't acted much. I was glad Jordon Calloway had a chance to show his acting skills in the film. He comes off as just one of those people who loves an audience, but then you learn whats really going on his life. The film showed different scenarios of how we react through the media. Like this one chick, Maria, goes off the deep end when her boyfriend won't text her back. Then it shows the reverse of how the media brings out an entire different persona in this one guy who gets bullied at school, yet he is a bit of a bully with people in his network..all over music. And this girl exposes over the internet because she's obsessed with this guy. It was good there was a discussion about digital mayhem after the movie.


  1. love that orange coat so cute and happy birthday for your brother dear kisses
    following u by the way hope u follow me back great blog kisses dear

  2. I really hope your mom is feeling better. That must be really stressful about your dad not being supportive of her dietary needs. You're a very good writer! And I like the fall pictures you added too. How odd that dude nearly felt you up, kinda creepy!

  3. Hope your mom gets better. Oh, wow about the sweater idea. Cool.

  4. hope your mom feels better soon. i'm really glad i found your blog!

  5. I think that is why the richest city in my area doesn't have a public library, they don't want to deal with the riff-raff that wonders in. Instead they purchase free library cards to the adjacent cities library for anyone in the city that wants one.

  6. I like the way you write; it's like listening to narration from a new hit t.v show :)

  7. Love anthropology - so expensive though! But seriously, i sometimes can't help but splurge on their stuff.

    Hope you're mom is feeling better, it can be so hard when you first cut out tons of stuff from your diet!