Monday, August 1, 2011

character notes, etc.

Cameron from Glee Project decided to go home instead of letting Damien get kicked off. Now if that's not a bromance..what is??

Well, Cameron has problems facing him with his religious beliefs. He's just 20 but cried when one of the girls in the competition kissed him during a video they were doing. He just couldn't put it aside that it was just acting. Also, Cameron's not a really good actor. Although, I think if he could pull anything off in acting on GLEE it would be as a gay character. Yet, at the same time, we have all met someone a bit like it who is silly, funny and skinny...which makes me think of someone who I worked with on the school newspaper. We really had such a great time together. He could think of the most silly things to do. He was a tease. He also liked to do clumsy show tune dance numbers anywhere with anyone. He was never in drama. And, he had religious beliefs too about NOT kissing. I like to believe that was the reason he never kissed me.

Oh, well..there can only be one winner on Glee project.

And today my friend Marissa ranted about her sister's significant other. Which I'm not sure how significant he really is. See her sister dated him a few years back. It ended. They had a one night stand. Now they have a two year old together. With some twist of events (my friend thinking and hoping her sister was leaving to move to now here with the baby and the daddy's moved in too.) Needless to say my friend wants to runaway from home. There too many people in their house.

It seems HE thinks her sister should pay him for child support. But its the law, and he's still suppose to pay. Its like he doesn't care what happens to their son. I think its just something he likes to get into arguments about. And their mother has told the sister she does need to step up and find a better job than just selling cigarettes. So hopefully, the couple will be moving out with the little one in September. Of course, when I listen to her, I have to wonder if I need to step it up too. If that would help Lars and me.

I don't even want to think about it at the moment. I just need more sleep.