Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Well, I got cornered by an unlikely pair at work. They might have been all of 8 and 6.

"I saw you!" They were so happy to see me, two little boys with their Dad.

"Where?" Immediately, I was very aware of my surrounding and wondered, just what they'd seen and was it bad?

"You were lighting fireworks," One said while the other told me, he saw me runaway. And I was with a guy. I had no idea they were even at the party across the street. But it was fun seeing their smiles. They made made me smile.

In other news, 30 minutes before we closed on Saturday, someone left poop in the children's area. Do you know how many adults will pull up a paper towel labeled..DO NOT REMOVE? At least 3. One, even a volunteer.

Its been a muggy week, as well as a buggy one too. The temps are ridiculously high, but living in the mid west we tend to get the worst of it..all year long. Even a storm with horrific straight winds that I didn't even notice, yesterday morning, took out power and a few trees fell on cars and houses too in the city. I guess we were in an area that didn't get hit. It wasn't even a tornado. The weather is so extreme this year.

Mom and Dad might be taking a trip later this guess you know what that means. I didn't think they were, but now Mom wants too. There might be a few more berries to pick, but I'm not sure I want to pick anymore.

I really tried to like this movie.

Lars and I watched SKYLINE. It was not a great movie, but still better than Battle L.A. I guess, the movie didn't get really good until the end. I hear they are making SKYLINE 2 in 2012. Of course, I'm starting to think..I really don't  like these kinds of movies.

I may or may not go with a friend to see HP. It depends if she shows up. We have made plans all summer and not once have we actually got to do anything. But hopefully, I'll get to see the movie Friday.

I talked to Caleb. I guess he's OK. His girlfriend got fired. I hope she's OK. At least she's home now.

why can't he turn up in my dream?

I had some wacky dreams Sunday. First, I didn't sleep at all Saturday night..for some unknown Lars took me out to breakfast. It was great..had like 4 cups of coffee. Eggs Benedict. I come home, and I for hours and have the strangest dream ever.

1. my Dad was having it out with a German Shepherd that was on his van humping a stuffed monkey.
2. a pickup truck was stuck in the kitchen, but with a beautiful oven.
3. my grandparents show up wanting me to try new Fritos. Something about my grandpa in vented a new flavor. Never did figure out what it was.

Anyway, I didn't want to do much the rest of the day. Its been so hot all I want to do is stay in and stay away from the bugs flying about outside.


  1. I hate the bugs..for sure.

    Hope you have fun when you see the movie.

  2. wow, I cn't wait to watch it

  3. Cool shot of the sky. Those clouds are so cool.

  4. Those are some strange dreams! Hope you're doing alright! :)

  5. Yeah, I agree, those are some strange dreams! You should look up what they mean :) Also that's lovely that he took you out to breakfast, how nice!

  6. crazy dreams..but some fun things happening to, though.

  7. Ah I hear you on the strange dreams. I can't tell you how many I've had in the past month (and I usually never dream!) One involved my plane being hijacked by a man who had us fly all the way down and land and then turned out to be nice? It was weird.

  8. Hey, thanks for the note!
    Anyway, some people say that when you get weird dreams, it's because devils are messing with your head while you sleep ... let's hope that's not true :s