Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Went to the Farmer's Market. This time a different location. At least it wasn't raining. We have had quite a few storms...which makes the cable go out and what not. For a while anyway. So yeah, it was nice and relaxing. Even went to THE CUPCAKE. A new place from the JONES BROTHERS. Lots of coffee and cakes and shortbreads to choose from. Really a great place. You can get quiche and Italian sandwiches there, too. We had a sweet time. Lots of folks from the university there. Possibly, we aren't those sort of people, but we blended in nicely.

Lar's family sold their house. Finally. Now, he's a bit in limbo. He might possibly be staying with us. But we haven't exactly worked it all out. He might be moving in with me. I'd seriously have to clean up my room then. After watching Horders: Buried Alive I'm wondering if I'm well on my way to becoming one. There are things I need to get rid of. My brother's things I've ended up with, somehow. See, a lot of stuff in my closet is not my stuff. So, I'm kind of an involuntary horder. Its just all so know. I mean, I'm happy and sad about the idea of Lar's moving in.

On one hand..its so simple... since we spend a great deal of time together, anyway. But it kind of freaks me out too. He'll finally know how I am. Thus..I'll know all those little facts I don't quite know about him, either. But the funny thing is...MOM is OK with it. I'm thinking, did she go mental or something. But she's talked to Dad and she's on our side. I guess. Maybe on Lar's side.

So...we have some things to do. Like take everything out of my room and find us something big enough for the both of us. A bed. It won't be brand new. That's just not the way we work. Brand new stuff.

Other news, the water is still rising. Thankfully, we aren't on a part of the river where things are getting damaged. Its such a mosquito invested summer. I thought something was in my shoe hurting the top part of my foot. Come to find out..its a bite.

I guess we will have an OK 4th. Nothing big. More hours to cover at work. I know I should be happy about that. Of course, all of that could change if the nuclear plant blows up..20 miles north of here. That means, we'd have to get out of town. My dad's thinking we would go to Texas, if it came to that. So, next thing to think having a bag ready in case we do need to leave. Sometimes, I think we are worrying too much about it, but then again..maybe we should be ..when we see all the pictures of the nuclear plan in Fort Calhoun.

the aqua-dam before it broke
Fort Calhoun, took two steps backward on Sunday. In the pre-dawn hours, a piece of heavy equipment nicked a temporary rubber berm, 8 feet high and 2,000 feet long, and it deflated. And water there began to approach the switchyard, where grid power enters the complex, so operators started up their diesel generators. Similarly, CNN reports: A water-filled berm protecting a nuclear power plant in Nebraska from rising floodwaters collapsed Sunday, according to a spokesman, who said the plant remains secure.

I'm loving Cameron Mitchell on the GLEE PROJECT.


  1. Wow, thats freaky about the nuclear plant.

  2. I hope it won't be that bad.

  3. There is a lot going on in your life right now! Hope you're ok :) xoxoxo