Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

1.I finally watched Beezus and Ramona and I cried when the cat died.
2. Dad finally turned on the A/C..the day after Mother's Day. I think Mom would have been happy if he'd done it while we had our dinnner. After all, the Mexican food was spicy that my brother made. We were all in a sweat. Practically.
3. The guy I haven't given a name was over with his girlfriend. I finally heard her laugh. She sounds tough, but I don't think she's that tough. Lars and I might hang out with them.
4. And Lars has been behaving himself. He's been talking to my brother, and well..he just might help Lars find something, like a job, or give him a free couch or something along that line.
5. I think my friend and I have made up. We're suppose to go out to lunch. Although, I have been avoiding ..mentioning Lars. I am not sure I'm really up to hearing her tell me all the things I should not like about him.
6. I'm afraid to tell her I watched Beezus and Ramona. Although, I think she might even like it. It was so much more grownup than I expected. I have to wonder how kid friendly Judy Moody will be this summer.


Doesn't Kurt's hair look amazing on GLEE. I dunno what he did, but he's just getting better. Loved last night's episode. I have to wonder if Quinn is leaving the show. I loved that they did the Friday song and a few others as well. I do wonder how the show will end this year.


  1. I haven't watched that movie you mentioned.

    Maybe things are looking up for you.

  2. Awww, I saw Ramona and Beezus during a really tough time and when the cat died I was just crying (having then recently lost someone). Actually, Ryan Murphy said the third season would be all the students last season because they are graduating so one more left..

    Hope things get better for you.

  3. I do wonder about Glee..too..when peeps will start leaving.