Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Went to the first cookout of the season, Sunday. Oh, how I regret it. It was more drinking than anything. And I feel like I'm paying for it all week. Because, basically I don't drink. Why did I? There were some classmates there and you know I got to hear how well they are all doing and stuff. It was boring. Maybe that's why I did it. And..the one guy who I thought would be drinking the most, who's going to deploy in a week or so..well, he's just a real stuck up guy with his even more stuck up girlfriend. It was like, we were beneath them. But anyway, I got to hear this old silly rap tune I hadn't heard in ages. Its on the Nick and Norah's infinite playlist. You know, the one where he's taken pictures of his girlfriend in the nude and can't find the negatives. Funny, how I was thinking of that song more than anything else at the party.

OK..he was there with her. And, he says she's not shy. But I think she is. & I've been lazy the rest of the week.

you are what you love

Parenthood was so good tonight. I liked the conversation between Amber's Mom and Hattie's Dad about their troubles now. They found out Hattie was having sex when her phone rang them up while they were in the car, driving. You could hear Hattie with her boyfriend. It was an accident..but stilll... I was so shocked in the beginning of the episode. And Amber is just going off the deep end with Gary. Smoking pot, having sex in her Aunt law office. Its like such a shock to see how Amber has changed, but Mae Whitman is so good in her role. Then it ended with a bang. Wow, can't wait til next week's episode.

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  1. You better get in shape. I was so shocked at the ending of Parenthood.