Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Nico Tortorella so needed more air time in Scre4m

Its cold. It was cold last week too. We went on a very rainy day to the zoo, but there were plenty of things to do inside. Except, the Desert Dome was pretty stinky. Not my favorite place. I thought I was going to throw up. I liked the Ape House best. We ended up at KING KONG BURGER about 2:30 in the afternoon. I was uber hungry, but still only managed to eat half of my burger.

Its been just a sleepy week. More rain today. Hail last night. Just tiny ice pellets for us. My friend, who wants to grow tomatoes on her balcony at her apartment, woke to real hail. Actually, her boyfriend woke first and he ran out in his undies to get the plants. One might not survive. She can't keep them inside because of her cat.

Today we went to lunch at usually- the reliable Mexican food place we like so much. See, you get your own little bottle and a bowl for your salsa. If only we could have had our basket of chips for each of us...Anyway, we were late for work. It was an hour and 1/2 lunch. So slow, and the food was cold. I never complain, but this was a little much.

Anyway, we talked about the HUNGER GAMES. See, I have a co-worker who loves the series, and he feels he's more like Gale's character than Peeta's character. Although, when he's not around, my friend (who I work with) S have decided he's actually much more Peeta..but you can't tell him that.

At work, lots of Internet problems..gotta know your ports..something along that line. Its funny how the big-boss won't take the blame for anything. But he's great at pointing fingers.

I wish I could see this show...


  1. It sounds so fun!! Shame the the mexican place took so long.
    I can feel your friends pain about not being to keep plants inside, my cats always try to eat things they shouldn't!

  2. Hi! I'm April:) Em the writer told me to read your blog, so i am!:)
    Oh my gosh, I love the hunger games! I'm more of a Gale girl, only because Peeta is too... clingy for my taste. Mexican food is yummy.
    Sounds like so much fun!