Friday, November 19, 2010


I made it., I had no idea if I would or not.

The quirks of the challenge.

1. finding a good word counter. documents is great, but it gave me a less word count than the other google counter I found. & then it was the nano word counter in the end that made me realise..I had 79 words to go. Well, I wrote more, but not in the end. I just wanted to leave that last sentence. So I added descriptions. I didn't dare do the task of cleaning up sentences.

Just couldn't. Now if I could just see Harry Potter. I promised a friend I'd wait and go with her before Thanksgiving.

Just found out the oven is on the fritz. I am sure Dad will blow a gasket. He has not been having a good week. Plus drizzle tomorrow...and snow on the way. Oh, the joys of the holidays.