Wednesday, November 10, 2010

more than being mad about the weather

When you are writing 50,000 words, you never know who you might use in the story..even your cat. Yeap, even she's given me a bit of a character to work with. Only, she's Sylvia the fat cat in my novel.

Its been such a slow and sleepye day here. A change in the weather...


I also got to see Vincent Kartheiser in Ricky 6. Well, most of it. Its on You Tube in 11 parts. Some are better than others. I have a feeling the actual movie might have looked good at one time, but not now. Its pretty indie. So indie there were hardly any copies made of it, and it only showed at a few movie indie festivals.

Its based on the true story back in 83 of this teenager named Ricky who lived in Upstate New York who became a Satanist. It started out of course being bullied at school. Then there were his pot head moments that lasted into acid. Along the way he became skitzo. And well, a MAD MAN..maybe thats why Vince got on Mad Men. Anyway, he does know how to off kilter. He is good in the film. Maybe it inspired me a little in my writing..just a wee little bit though..since the story does have some bullying.