Monday, November 1, 2010

its a start

How did Derrick get here? The simplest question in the world, and  Derrick really didn't have time to think of an answer.

He was on a roof for starters. It was Halloween night. Cold. Getting colder by the second. He was alone. It wasn't a prank. Just a few minutes ago he was listening to his trusty mp3 player to the tunes his brother's boyfriend, Dylan had given to him months ago.

Of course, he'd been too sullen then to take a listen to Patrick Wolf's THE BACHELOR. He couldn't do that. Not then because he hated anything Dylan ever did for him. Why would he think he would have liked the music.

Anyway, he listened to the music now with his ear buds because he had nothing better to do. And it was there, and it was amazingly cool. Something about the beat of the music and the echos of the violins reminded him of some hero from a Ninja graphic novel. It was as if he'd breathed in a new life. That is was OK to be alone. It was OK to find out who lived in Amy's house.

So Amy was his so-called best friend's girlfriend. Actually, Ian didn't know Derrick felt about him that way. But they were gonna be if they hung out long enough. Except this Amy chick was always around. Always. Which Derrick couldn't exactly put his finger on it, just why it bothered him so much. But it did. Maybe it was because she was just taking up Ian's time. Or the fact that maybe Amy thought she was perfect.

He knew she wasn't. And when Ian brought up this strangeness about her sister Violet, Derrick just couldn't help himself but want to see this creepy chick.

1. Amy's older sister, Violet never left the house.
2. Violet had been in a cult, or some BIG LOVE bigamist family that Amy's parents had sent in a detective or something to drag her way from.
3. Obviously, she hated her parents for doing such a horrid thing.
4. She was crazy. Plain and simple. And by the way it looked Amy might be crazy. Ian even said Amy feared her 18 birthday. Because both her sisters had gone crazy after their 18th birthday.

So what better thing to do, find this weird chick.

No, he wasn't going to take pictures of her and blog about it. Although, he should, he didn't have anything better to do, did he?

Anyway, it had felt like some sort of rebel thing to do. He thought at the time. And getting up the rose trellis at the side of the house was no problem. In fact, it was kind of fun. Magical, maybe. But then when he got at the top of the ledge in his trusty high tops, he looked down in the pitch black darkness. Not so fun. And yet, Derrick, felt pumped. Pumped what was next when he looked through that window at Amy's sister.

Well, she wasn't topless. Not that he was hoping for that. Instead, as he investigated, she seemed more pioneer like. Like she should be on the over of O PIONEER,  a book he always promised to read, but never did.

Violet's blond hair was up and her neck so long. He could only see her from behind. She was quite beautiful in a rather Victorian way. He guessed. She didn't look like she was mentally ill. And he didn't want her thinking he was mental. He laid there across the roof, watching. Feet dangling in the empty darkness. Could he possibly be in any trouble and he struggle slightly at the window seal.

Derrick smelled something then. Smoke. There was a fire in Violet's room. Suddenly, Derrick felt like he had to do something. He needed to get in there and get her. No sneaky peeping Tom for him. Only, the screen was another story. Thank God, for the box cutter in his pocket. He went to work on it and luckily, the window slipped open.

It was as if he was meant to be there. He decided once he got in. Of course, she was in a trance, staring at the fire at her feet. The blaze jumped across the floor to the curtain. It had a mind of its own. All Derrick could think of was to put his arms around her. Which meant she fought him instantly. After, all she was one crazy chick. But Derrick held on. She might have been taller than him. He just hadn't quite bloomed yet at 15.

The smoke was boiling and she began to cough, which helped to get her out of the room and down the stairs. But the fire was coming. Derrick just didn't feel quick enough. Finally, he got them out side and she coughed like any real person would. So did he. It was kind of awkward. Smoke was taking the second floor and even the next.

It was then Derrick remembered her father. He saw that a neighbor had called 911. Derrick knew he had to go back. Her father was asleep in the livingroom chair. But when he went back, it was going into a curtain of smoke. He didn't want to think he was too late as he felt his way to Amy's Dad.

This time was just as hard. He pulled at her Dad. It was hopless. Derrick didn't think he had the strength to get her Dad out, but he did.

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