Friday, June 28, 2013

Jama and Marco

Jama and Marco

"I dunno." Jama tensed. She wanted to say yes. It felt like they were. Even so, there was something they couldn't dare talk about.

She knew they could never be family. Yes, it was fun. And she did want him. For right now. But it was only temporary.

"How can you say that?" He was serious, even in those ridiculous glasses of his. "I don't want you.."

"You, don't want me to check my e-mail?" She winced, thinking he seriously was a control freak now.

He was in a stomp. She'd never seen him this way. They'd been so close.

And the things he knew. The things she knew of him.

She sucked in a breath.

"You, deserve better." Marco told her, but she knew he meant he was the only thing better, and Jama wasn't so sure that was true.