Friday, June 7, 2013

Jama and Marco

Hey Jams:

So this is how it goes down, is it? You leave town, without a word. Figured as much, but you know, I was hoping you'd say at least a farewell.

Don't worry. I wouldn't hold it against you, but who usually held your hair out of your face when you hurled in the loo? Just saying. some news. Your Dad said I should write, BTW (oh, I've been busing tables for the old man on weekends)...

Ooops..the news. Well, looks as if  our J-boy is dad, Jam. Yeppers, Collette's naming names.

Aren't you the lucky one? You  could be in her shoes, you know. Looks like your ex will be hitched and a Dad any day now.


"Are you, shit'n me!" Jama said to the screen, ready to toss the lap top across the room.

Yes, Marco was glad Jama was finally settling in. He just didn't know she'd get out her laptop out now.  Marco was putting a book shelf case together for a space for Jama in the sewing room. As of yet, he hadn't talked much about working together. Obviously, there was too much time for play, but he felt closer to her now. Perhaps she was his, after all.

"What?" Marco supposed that old lover of her emailed her finally.

"Nothing." Jama squinted tears.

"I don't think so." Marco edged over and took the laptop from her and read the e-mail.

"Who's Gilly?" He wanted to know.

"Just a mate." Jama looked to be a wreck.

"You really think she's the lucky one?" Marco grimaced. "You, really wish you were there, pregnant with that Englishman's baby?"

How could he make her see? Jama was better off now.

"We're a team. You and me." He took her hands. He examined the fingers of who knew how to take a part a dress and make a new and improved pattern out of it. If he could sketch it, she knew the way to make it. "Aren't I enough for you?"