Friday, May 24, 2013

Jama & Marco

When Marco awoke, Jama was no longer in his grasp. Morning peaked through the curtains. For a moment, he was certain she was gone, but he soon noticed the backpack in the floor. He laid back on his pillow, waiting.

Then he saw her in the doorway with a cup of tea. She was wearing his shirt and nothing else.

"What? You don't trust me..with your tea?" His lips parted with a cool grin.

She almost laughed.

"Come, come..." He was in no hurry. Not today. And she found her way next to him and he sipped her sweet milked tea. Yes, it was perfection. "I should have you make tea, all the time."

"Of course." She smiled, but there was doubt in her eyes. His fingers fell along her hips as he did his best to pull her in.

"So?" He couldn't think of this ending badly.

"So what?" She almost winked as her dark eyes looked into his.

"You, stay with me?" He kissed the corner of her lip and then the other side too.

She shook her head, no.

"Why not?" Didn't she know he'd worry about her, otherwise. He took her cup of tea and drank more as he watched her ponder this question. "I don't think you have an answer for me." He put down the tea-cup on the nearby bed stand and took her fingers into his.

"You'll save your cash and move in with me. Besides, you have your entire life in that backpack." He reminded her as he pulled her in and wrapped his arms around her.

She sighed as if that were way to easy. But he kissed the back of her neck.

"How else will I get to know you, if you don't stay?" He breathed into her ear. He felt her shiver. It was just what he needed as he unbuttoned the shirt. Soon she laid by his side and he turned to trace the sexiness of her body.

"Someone hurt you." He kissed her throat. He noticed  her nipples harden as his tongue touched them with pleasure. He knew what she liked. Perhaps she was an open book, after all.

Marco & Jama


  1. At least he's being forthcoming about...everything. :)