Friday, May 31, 2013

Jama and Marco

Jama wanted to hate him. She saw herself pushing him away. Leaving this place. Never looking back, but as it was she wasn't going anywhere.

She wanted to shout. She wanted to be angry. Jama wanted to tell Marco that he didn't know anything about her. Yet here he was fingering her, kissing her tender spots, sending her into another world. Had she ever felt like this before?

Jama felt herself quake with desire. Jama knew he was enjoying ever moment that he had this sort of control and she wanted to see how far he would go.

"Just.." She couldn't even command it. Yes, she wanted intercourse. So badly. "Why can't you..just do it?"

"Its not what I do." He finally admitted. "I don't need messy. Besides, I don't have a condom. I doubt you do. I don't even know..if..if you even use any protection."

Jama closed her eyes, wishing they were drunk and throwing caution to the wind. At the moment she felt like a burning ember than needed to be stoked. She was certain it was over all over, but then his mouth kissed her clit to take her to the next level of bliss.

Next his tongue prodded ever so clever as he pried her legs further apart. His thumb went in deep to the  other passage as if to see what she could handle.

This was not what she was expecting at daybreak.