Friday, May 17, 2013

Jama and Marco

Jama unbuckled his belt. Marco buckled it back.

"You're drunk." He chuckled.

"But I want too." She was serious. The time was perfect. And she was in the mood. Maybe it was the wine, but she felt a little dizzy. Just a little.

How long had it been since she'd seen anyone naked? Although, she preferred to see him naked instead of him seeing her pale body.

"Is that right?" He only smiled with a sly smirk. Off went his shirt instead.

She watched. He was fit enough. Of course, she could only remember one other. Jules was never as perfect as he liked to think he might be.

"Well, come on." He told her he supposed having tea was not on her mind.

She hesitated. He kissed her lips as if he couldn't possibly get started with this until she exposed what was under the tank top.

Finally, he pulled her tank over her head and touched her bare nipples. He kissed them as if he needed to know each one personally. The sensation only wanted her to connect with him more.

This time she unbuckled the belt and unbuttoned his old jeans. Something peaked from his black boxers.

He pushed her back on the bed and shucked his clothes. He kissed her longingly and found her nipples once more. She sensed his hand down her stomach and then his fingers teased her sex.

Jama wanted to tense but it was too late. She felt herself giving in. It wasn't like the old habits she knew. Where she gave head and that was it.

No, his mouth explored, and it was a new awakening that she was certain wasn't a dream.

Marco & Jama


  1. So much adventure and fun with these two! :)

  2. Things are getting pretty interesting!

  3. I'm hoping he won't make her do all the work.

  4. I just relate so much to her right eyes burn and I'm exhausted!