Friday, May 10, 2013

Jama and Marco

"So we're good?" Marco's lips went back to Jama's before she could even answer.

"Uh.." He felt her breath as he kissed her neck. She wasn't quite a ragdoll as she was back in his lap.

How could he manage the two? An intoxicated girl and that backpack.

"Very good.." He thought he heard her murmur, but sometimes, he thought she liked to trick him. While her lips said one thing with soft kisses, her mind was troubling.

"Right." He smiled wishing they could take a cab home, but that would be too easy. Marco never did anything the easy way. "So, we go?"

She nodded.

They kissed all the way home, like a dance. Yes, he would tell himself this, instead of thinking how hard it would be to lug the backpack. How on earth did Jama carry it, day in and day out?

A part of him felt it might be easier to carry her on his back instead of the backpack, but he soon slipped a strap around him and his arm around her.

Didn't English girls know how to hold their liquor? He wouldn't bother to ask as they stumbled out into the street. It was completely night. He really wanted to get home before the real drunks came out. Luckily, they were only a few blocks away.

He held Jama close. At least she could walk. His luck she'd either be fully awake by the time they got there or have dozed off.

"We'll have tea." He promised.

"Tea? You, actually can make a brew?" She laughed. He loved her laugh. Her smile too. He so wanted to know the girl that he wanted to make clothes for.

"Precisely." He smiled back. They walked another block. Half way there. If only they were closer, but he couldn't get ahead of himself.

She was so different now. Not at all the frail little thing who looked as if she hated the world, and maybe him the most. That's why he tried not to look at her. But he needed to to study her. He needed to know her. She was that everyday girl who needed a wardrobe.

He kissed her as if he might calm her, but instead she pulled at his belt loops as if she might undress him right here.

Marco on chuckled. What did she have in mind?

At least, this hurried it along. It wasn't but a few more steps until they found the old apartments. He went the back way, as to not cause attention.

"Up here." He helped her up the landing. He'd never been this way with anyone before. For a second, it felt quite fragile, although, the massive pale building had been here for a century or two. Still, the hallways were thin and dim, but he found his way with Jama.

She kissed him as if she was happy they'd made this long journey. The backpack fell to the floor. He hoped the laptop was still in one piece.

He sighed while she danced about like a fairy of some kind.

"You're unbelievable." He winced. "You, only had one drink."

She went off on her own.

"I haven't eaten all day." She shouted through the empty rooms. Of course, she hadn't found the kitchen. His room instead.

He followed.

"Then I'll make, you, dinner." He told her.

She shook her head, no and tugged at his belt loops instead.

She shucked her thick black boots. Already barefooted and in the white ribbed tank under her long black T-shirt.

He knew their was a beautiful body under all the black. He sighed, liking where this was going.

Marco & Jama


  1. Sometimes he seems sweet and other times he seems creepy!

  2. I agree with Sara, sometimes I'm all "what a sweetie!" and then other times I'm like 'WHAT IS HAPPENING"

  3. I wanted to make Marco real. I think back at some of the scenes I've watched..especially the shorts about Paris how and the scene at the a part of me wondered how she could be smitten by someone like this guy. And their fussing.

    I sense he cares about her..still a little unsure why.