Friday, April 12, 2013

Jama and Marco

Of course, I didn't tell him I was going. I made a promise to Miss Francisco. After all, she was the one getting me out of here.

I was not the best student. I blamed it all on Jules. Maybe that was wrong, but I really felt it.

It was a downward spiral of my future, being with him. It was toxic from the get go, but I just couldn't admit it. He was a bad boyfriend. I was a bad girlfriend. At least, I think of him as a boyfriend, but I can't say what Jules felt for me. Possibly, not as much.

Still, Miss Francisco saw something in me. I'd taken her sewing class for starters. We moved on to more concepts in fashion designs, but like I said I was not the best student. And lords knows where I might end up if I'd stayed in the village, being with the likes of Jules.

But it wasn't easy, leaving everything behind.

"You, speak French don't you?" She asked me before she handed over the bus ticket. I looked at her as if she had to be kidding. Me? Speak French? It wasn't really my forte. I wasn't all that wonderful with my basic language, according to most of my teachers.

"Suppose, I'll learn." I gritted a smile, thinking how hard could it be? After all, I'd watched Anna Karina from Band of Outsiders talk about how she'd immersed herself in to French, and she was born in Denmark. I wanted to say I would fall in love, with where I was going.

I held on to the bus ticket. This was my future I was going to Paris.